If you decided to do anything so rash as google my handle (sounds somewhat euphemistic, but it isn’t), you would discover that I have given this two tries already.  My concern is that I didn’t have any incentive to put anything on this site on a daily basis, so I decided that I may need to up the ante and actually attempt to put something on the line.  One other helpful factor is not starting the bloody thing right in the middle of the busiest part of my school year.

Instead, I’m  starting it somewhere near the end of the last summer break I will ever have.  I’m hoping that the extra free time will give me the ability to get some video content figured out, and hopefully force me to finish a couple of writing projects I had thought up and figured more or less out.  So, to whit, this blog will hopefully involve musings on science fiction and fantasy, various video game videos, and hopefully little to no input from me on current events.

At any rate, I hope you find something here that you enjoy, since that is the ultimate endpoint of any creative endeavor.