Small Gods: Goddess of Vacations

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Kauai is the goddess of vacations, relaxing, trips to exotic locales and tropical islands. She is another imported deity, since Port Delta is temperate in climate. A group of islanders brought her with them on a trip looking for further trade routes for their kingdom, several sailors heard tell of the place and decided it might be worth it to head over to see what it was all about. Upon arrival, they discovered a tropical island paradise, and the locals discovered an important and nearly inexhaustible source of money. They ratcheted up the price of normal everyday goods, and set up luxury inns on the beach. Some of the sailors realized the goldmine they had found, and started an ocean travel line with the locals, bringing tourists in and charging for passage. The locals set up a block of time for their goddess of vacations (then relaxation and beaches) to have services at the temple of small gods as advertising.


The services have a roasted pig served to the congregation and guests, along with various other island delicacies such as island roots, tropical fish and fruits. Flavorful alcohols are served and islanders perform many of their traditional dances, including beautiful young women and grass skirts and muscular young men juggling fire sticks. The music and atmosphere are designed to relax and distract the people of the city, and convince them that they might want to travel out to the island sometime. This is an effective strategy, as the name Kauai has become synonymous with vacationing and has become city shorthand for their island.


Her symbol is a pair of crossed palms, heavy with coconuts and jutting happily from the sand of a warm beach. She is depicted as a beautiful woman in the traditional grass skirts of their dancers wearing a garland of flowers around her neck.


Now, speaking of the goddess of vacations, this site is going to be going on one (a vacation, not a goddess) until early June, then we’ll open with a fun short story alternating every two weeks with another serial story. I’m also considering other forms of content, and would love some ideas, if you want to toss them at me.

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