Small Gods: Goddess of Orphans

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Button is the goddess of orphans and abandoned children. A mother and caretaker to the downtrodden and the forgotten children of the city. Her followers are those who have been left to their own devices as long as they can remember, those who may never have known the comforts of home and the loving embrace of a parent. They are the urchins and ragamuffins who form gangs and roving bands in order to get what they need, food, water, shelter, protection. These gangs are fiercely protective of their deity and their protector, going so far as to damage and destroy the property of other churches that they see as “rivals” to their “mother.”


She began life as an orphanage owner, caring for the children of the city and doing her best to feed and protect them. Her children were her life and she was theirs, and they believed her to be a God, and this belief (as strong as a child can believe in a thing) caused her transcendence to divinity. She still owns her orphanage, and many of her followers are there, but she can only provide so much space and there are many children who would rather be on the street.


Her services are grand soup kitchens attended by the homeless and orphans in the city. Her earliest wards have become her most trusted priests and helpers, running her church and establishing the logistics of running a soup kitchen for all the homeless and parentless in the city. They use the money earned from the sale of miracles to purchase supplies, and have begun satellite orphanages and care facilities throughout the city.


Her symbol is a pair of angelic wings with a halo. This symbol wasn’t her idea, and was instead The design of one of her charges. She is depicted as she is (one of those few odd living gods that cause so many census problems), a matronly woman whose face is careworn with hair in a utilitarian bun.

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