Small Gods: Godess of Bad Manners

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Anathema is the goddess of bad manners. Her followers are those who shun the traditional societal views of how people should behave, and seek to break as many of these rules as they possibly can. They believe that humans should be allowed to behave exactly as they wish, and not force themselves to be held to some ridiculous standards just because rich people say so.


Her services are great feasts, with buffet style serving and long tables to seat the entire congregation. The worshipers feast, eating voraciously and a touch bestially. No utensils, no napkins, elbows propped on the table and hands wiped off on shirts. Alcohol is swilled and spilled all down faces, with no regard for how they are viewed by outsiders. Various smells and disgusting human noises are made, a veritable assault on every sense a being might have.


Her symbol are a pair of hands, stained with food and gripping a turkey leg tightly. She is depicted as a filthy human, gripping the turkey leg and putting her feet up on the dinner table.

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