Small Gods: God of Tavern Owners

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Rick is the God of tavern owners, bartenders and those who own any kind of establishment where alcohol is consumed. He was once a normal bartender in the adventurers districts, known for accepting items of value in exchange for opening a tab (a not uncommon practice). In an uncharacteristic and unlikely fit of carelessness, he grabbed a beautiful horn stein without close examination or┬áhearing the tale of where it came from (assuming a down on his luck adventurer who was pawning an heirloom for drinks). This particular stein had come from the crypt of a demigod of alcoholism, and and had contained his divine spark. Through the careful management of power and influence, including the use of free alcohol to ply adventurers and mercenaries, the man became a full-fledged deity. He still owns his bar, which has become one of the most successful taverns in the city (called “Rick’s Place”), and is also known as one of the best places to contact the black market. Anyone who needs transport into the city, or who wants to sell something currently outlawed in the city comes to Rick’s Place first.


His services require setting the temple up like a giant tavern, seedy tables, scummy bar, hay and dirt on the floor and everything. The patrons and petitioners take turns drinking and pouring beers for the others while listening to their problems and cleaning glasses. These services often involve the shutting down, or at least reducing the services of, a great deal of the taverns in the city, which has caused more than a few riots in the outer twelve. Of course many of the ordinary citizens of th city believed these riots to be normal, and the riots subsided when the taverns were reopened.


His symbol is the gorgeous horn stein that allowed his rise to power, and he is depicted as a thing man in a white tunic with black pants and a scar over his lip.

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