Small Gods: God of Oozes.

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Yuck is the God of oozes, spines, jellies, puddings and various other unusual amorphous abominations of nature. These organisms are surprisingly common in the city, especially considering the extent and age of the city sewers. They wander the sewers, eating organic matter and protecting what they perceive as their territory. It is postulated that they live in vast colonies somewhere in the sewers, deep in some warm moist crevice below the earth. To this day, none of these colonies has been discovered, though part of this may be due to the absence of expeditions into the sewer, and poor rate of returns from those who do set off into the darkness.


The services are a topic of discussion in the city, mostly since no humanoid has ever been present for them. The sounds heard emanating from the windows of the temple are described by those daring enough to go near as liquidy sloshing or slapping, and a sort of bizarre humming vibration that you don’t hear as much as feel in your bones. There also happen to be odd flashes of light, as though there was some kind of unusual storm going on within. Nobody ever sees any of the things arrive or leave, but most assume they simply goo up through storm drains or the temple basements. Outside the temple stand odd cloaked men, who appear moist and slick even on the sunniest of days. These are the ones who perform miracles for visitors, and they do so quickly and quietly. What noises they do make are very wet and throaty, as though they are struggling to swallow while speaking.


Yuck’s symbol is an amorphous, wet blob of unknown origin and composition. It is incredibly disgusting and burns slightly to the touch. He is depicted as an enormous green blob who takes a vaguely humanoid shape, though seems to have disdain for facial features (as he doesn’t have any).

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