Small Gods: God of Heart Attacks

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Em-Eye is the God of heart attacks. He is worshiped by very few in the city (in fact he has only one true follower), but is paid tribute to by many of the city’s population, especially the elderly. He is a God who gives little and takes everything is those who he “blesses” possess. He comes with little warning and leaves just as quietly, taking many in their sleep, but just as many with tasks yet left undone.


His follower is an ancient man whose name is unknown. He appears in the temple on the days his God has reserved, and sits to receive prayers for protection, offerings and bribes to ply his god’s favor and stave off unexpected death for as long as possible. He gives aid to those who are willing to pay for it, but few are willing to risk owing the God for these miracles so only the brave or ignorant will purchase such services. When the time is through, the man disappears, never followed and not seen untilTyne next scheduled time.


This man and his God are the subject of much theological debate, as he does not appear to change appearance at all between services, even though the church has been active for years now. Some posit that he is a powerful wizard, chained into the God of heart attack’s services as part of a deal to save his life. Still others say heĀ is the God of heart attacks, and that he came to exist simply out of fear of sudden death. Others think this is silly conjecture, and that he is simply a private citizens and upstanding member of the theological community.


Em-Eye’s symbol is an anatomically correct heart made from rusted iron, Brown with the appearance of decay and still as an unbeating heart. He is never depicted, for fear it will bring his attention to the artist.

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