The Nameless One, god of death

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This is another thing I’m stealing more or less wholesale from The Gamer’s Haven podcasts, mostly because I think it is one of the most interesting death gods that I’ve seen in any setting.

The Nameless One is the god of death and rebirth, he is the god of family and togetherness. He reclaims the souls of those who die and endeavors to ensure that those souls are reclaimed at the correct time for that soul. This means he has an abiding hatred for intelligent (soul possessing) undead, especially liches, vampires, mummies and those who choose to attain immortality through undeath. He cares not about the unintelligent undead like zombies, ghouls, skeletons and the like; who generally don’t choose to remain animate after death.

The Nameless One’s church is a somber and tasteful affair, lots of natural light and open spaces, but they aren’t shy about the fact that the whole place is above the city’s catacombs. The priests of the nameless one forsake their names when they take their vows, as a symbol that they have given their life up to the tenets and goals of the nameless one; forsaking the person they were in order to ensure that the souls of this world are moved on to where they belong.

The nameless one is depicted as an older man wearing grey black robes, he is bald but has an enormous white beard.

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